James' Favourite Links

Some links to other web sites that I enjoy. This is far from a comprehensive list of every page that I like, though. Also note that external links can also be found all around the site.

Science Fiction

Also check out my Humourous SF and Fantasy Links.

I was a member of Laurier's Science Fiction & Fantasy Club too. Some incredibly interesting people to be found here...
The Matrix web site.
The Eye of Argon
An interesting look at what is deemed to be the all-time worst SF story.


The Mathematics Lair
The Mathematics Lair, a site containing a number of pages related to recreational mathematics. See my Links page there for several more interesting mathematics links.

Programming & Web Design Links

Sun's Java Site
Javascript archive
Contains many Javascript resources.
The Perl home page
O'Reilly's official Perl site.
The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, a repository of Perl modules and scripts.

HTML Validators

I find some of the following to be quite useful. Here's a list of them so that I don't forget where they are! (-:

The W3C Markup Validation Service
A good scanner to check W3C standards compliance.
Total Validator
Validates a wide range of possible problems, including standards compliance, accessibility, broken links, and spelling.
Watchfire WebXACT
Formerly known as Bobby, a good scanner to check for quality, accessibility, and privacy problems.
Doctor HTML
Provides a wide range of checks, as well as options for formatting or squishing HTML.


An interview with Emmanuel Top of B.B.E.
A History of House Music
An enlightening history of house music that uses hypertext well.


Above and Beyond Hockey
The Hockey Compendium's online home.
Total Hockey
Total Hockey's homepage.
The Hockey Database
A comprehensive online database of hockey statistics.
North American\ Pro Hockey.com
Another useful hockey statistics site.

Douglas Adams-related

Douglas Adams' home page
Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy
The Galactic Guide
The Ultra-Complete Index to the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
An index of the people, places, things, etc. in the trilogy, compiled by Mathias Maul.

Linux and Open Source

Linux International
OSDN's Linux.com site
Red Hat Linux
One of the biggest Linux distributors.
Linux Applications and Utilities page
A large and easy-to-navigate list of Linux applications. Unfortunately, it's no longer up-to-date.
A directory of open-source (particularly Linux-specific) projects.
Eric S. Raymond's homepage
Lots of interesting stuff here.

Model Railroading

Schlitz Refrigerator Cars
A history of Schlitz refrigerator cars and a list of models.

Search Engines & Directories

Okay, everyone knows about the major search engines and directories such as AltaVista, Google, Lycos, and Yahoo!. Here are some that may not be as well known, but which I find useful or interesting:

Indexes a very large number of pages.
Search all in one
A metasearch engine that results from eight of the top search engines.
A search engine that currently indexes more than 1.5 billion pages.
Search Hippo
A search engine that aims to index the best of the web. I enjoy its "query spy".
Mozilla Open Directory Project
A large web directory maintained entirely by volunteers.
Librarians' Index to the Internet
A web directory targeted at librarians (but useful to others). I like its annotation features.


Dave's Calvin and Hobbes Index
A useful index by date (and partially by subject) into the comics at the official Calvin and Hobbes site.
Psychological Self-Help
I find the format of this online book quite interesting.